About us

Nemegheer nvNEMEGHEER was founded in 1984 and has since built up over 30 years’ experience. It all began when Geert Nemegheer started out in 1984 as an independent piglet trader. As a farmer’s son, Geert started trading his first piglets with a tractor and trailer. In the first instance, only foreign piglets were marketed but soon Geert was seeking ways to fulfil the shortfall of piglets in Belgium. He began importing piglets from Germany shortly afterwards. This then formed the foundations that shaped the later activities of the company. Relationships with food manufacturers, pig fertiliser companies and sow farmers ensured that the trade in livestock food, manure and meat pigs were also added to the company’s range of services.
Later, NEMEGHEER also took on the role of Fomeva breeding sow dealer. This later became TOPIGS. The trade in TOPIGS breeding material has today become one of the main activities.
The nature of the beast and an increasing demand also led to the company starting to trade in cattle a few years ago. This trade primarily focuses on import and export. Both dairy cows and meat cattle are available.
Import and export have always been a strong feature within the company. International contacts and close monitoring of foreign markets enables us to protect our national market by exporting or importing at precisely the right moment.
Geert Nemegheer was always very aware of the fact that the family character of his company was the ‘ace up his sleeve’. The involvement of daughter Hermeline and son Reinaard, who grew up alongside the company, was confirmation of this. It ensures a close and confident relationship with the customer which engenders a great deal of mutual understanding and respect.
“Strength in our life’s work!” That is the motto applied by the Nemegheer family and its employees day in day out on its journey with you. A journey that could lead to your company flourishing!