Leading the way since 1984

Geert Nemegheer started it all when he entered the piglet trade in 1984. As a farmer’s son, he inherited a passion for piglets at a young age. He traded his first piglets in Belgium from a tractor and cart, but quickly started looking for solutions to tackle the piglet shortage.

All-round company throughout Europe

Many links contributed to the expansion of Nemegheer. Imports from Germany formed the basis for the later expansion into Nemegheer NV. Good relations with feed manufacturers, pig fatteners and sow farms ensured the integration and trade in manure and slaughter pigs started.

Meanwhile, Nemegheer has become active in almost every European country for both import and export. With an extensive international network and a finger on the pulse of foreign markets, we protect domestic trade by importing or exporting piglets and pigs at the right times.

In addition, Nemegheer is always looking for refinement in terms of genetics: after all, the best genes produce the best animals.

Family (as an) asset

The family approach has been there since the early days. Geert Nemegheer passed on his passion for the sector to son Reinard and daughter Hermione. They literally grew up in the company. Both contribute to the high trust we enjoy with our customers thanks to their extensive knowledge and unbridled passion for animals. Reinaard Nemegheer and his wife also run the Hof ter Poelberg pig farm.

Here, the central theme is respect for customers, employees and animals. The Nemegheer family and their employees follow the motto “strong in your life’s work” when they go to work every day.

Nemegheer at your service!

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