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Piglet trade

With more than 30 years of experience, Nemegheer is a known quantity when it comes to piglet trading. We guarantee quality thanks to our close, trusting relationships with feed companies, sow farms, fatteners and veterinarians all over Europe.

Sale of piglets

Pig farming is an elite sport, every day is different. Delivering the right piglets to the right professionals at the right price is only possible thanks to high quality demands and a good relationship with customers.

Which demands are the most important in terms of meat qualityvaccinations (myco, circo, PRRS, etc.), genetics and weight? We discuss your focus points in terms of the piglets’ technical performance. Every aspect receives the necessary attention, from health status to feeding advice. We deliver piglets all over Europe and beyond.

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Purchase of piglets

Working closely with sow farmers, we can find the best sales for every piglet. Together we can achieve the most optimal price and the most suitable sales channel for the piglets. Our secret? Transparency throughout the entire chain.

Important factors are:

Loading & transport

Loading and transport are of crucial importance for the well-being and health of the piglet. This is why we take great care in this area.

Our specialised employees and modern fleet guarantee professional piglet transport. This ensures the animals are transported in optimal conditions and arrive more calmly at their destination.

Nemegheer also provides the necessary certification and administrative processing. This means quality and service are guaranteed, right up to the customer.

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