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F1 genetics for the future.

For many years, Nemegheer NV has been your partner in supplying the right F1 genetics to make your sow farm a success.

Top genetics combined with tailor-made advice that contribute to the profitability of your company. The people at Nemegheer always strive to offer progressive lines with attention to technical figures, ease of work and social developments.


The sow of the future. The number 1 when it comes to convenience and the weaning of piglets from the sow. These Swiss genetics have proven to be a fierce competitor for today’s market leaders.

7 reasons you should choose a Suisag sow:

Breeding company An-Pigs BV has a great deal of experience with the excellent characteristics of the Suisag sow. Full of conviction about this product, they started sub-breeding. The short lines with the Andries family offer great advantages for our Belgian customers.


The restructuring of Danish breeding has resulted in 3 parties, of which DANIC is one. Where Danish genetics have always been and shall remain the champion in terms of number of piglets born alive, DANIC focuses on the rearing capacity.

Piglet survival, milk production and improved weaning for weaning more piglets. Nemegheer NV is your point of contact for DANIC genetics in Belgium. Thanks to our close co-operation with our Dutch colleagues of NEXT-Genetix, we can offer you the best sub breeders with the highest health. Correct delivery and customised guidance are our assets. 

Breeding purpose

Unlike other Danish genetics, DANIC focuses strongly on improving the rearing capacity of the Danish sow. Combined with good longevity and an economical finisher.

db.Viktoria – German genetics

BHZP is one of Germany’s market leaders in breeding material. The company is responsible for the breeding and distribution of the db.Viktoria breeding gilt and the db.77 piétrain terminal boar. In addition, their db.planner is one of the most used software programmes in German pig farming.

Partnership and support

NEMEGHEER NV saw plenty of potential in this breeding organisation and its db.Viktoria, which is extremely suitable for the Belgian market. The excellent results demonstrated in the farrowing pen and the uniform and high-quality offspring offer excellent added value for the Belgian pig farmer.

120,000 db.Viktoria breeding gilts are bred in Germany every year. This means an annual production of 9,000,000 slaughter pigs per year. This leads to an enormous source of information for breeding and selection, which means BHZP and NEMEGHEER NV can fully support and guide the customer.

Our customers are our partners. We guarantee your business results and your company-specific wishes. This is why we have great confidence in the db.Viktoria and its added value for your company.

Breeding structure and health

NEMEGHEER NV has a close co-operation with various breeding companies. 

This means we can guarantee the origin of your breeding material. BHZP sets strict production conditions. This means db.Viktoria breeding gilts are delivered under a strict health protocol, and that PRRS-free breeding gilts are therefore also available.

Characteristics of the db. Viktoria

The db.Viktoria is a cross of the db.01 Landrace line (LR) and the db.03 York line (LY). The selection and breeding are based on the following 6 basic principles:

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